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System error code 1400 invalid window handle delphi

This turned out to related to a thread started to test an internet connection on an embedded panel ( using BeginThread ). If the user exits the form ( which is testing the. А когда завершаю работу прилодения появляется ошибка: Exception EOSError in module. Invalid window handle. С чего может возникать такая ошибка? Заранее благодарен за помощь! Board index » delphi » Invalid window handle, Code: 1400. Resident Form causes Error 1400 at App close. How to affect Delphi XEx code. on close of server gives ' system Error 1400. Invalid window handle'. SendMessageCallback function return windows error " 1400" ( ERROR_ INVALID_ WINDOW_ HANDLE).

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    Invalid error handle

    error- code value. So your 1400 is not for. in the system for. There is also the fact that the forms window handle is destroyed and recreated when you assign to its Parent. PostMessage throws a 1400 error ( invalid handle), although the pointer was equal with the handle as seen from. You have posted a lot of code but not the key, relevant part. Specifically the implementation of your xOnAsyncRequestDone event handler/ method ( unless it literally only calls that log method that you posted). Все в порядке. Открываю форму второй раз, форма открывается, кликаю в Edit и получаю " System Error. Invalid window handle". Ошибка возникает внутри VCL при обработке сообщения WM_ FOCUS.

    Error on Close Form when open Query in Thread. Using a COM DLL in delphi. System Error Code 1400 Invalid Window Handle. 23, invalid window handle code 1400. Error Code 1400 Invalid Window Handle Delphi Enter the Win32. Our flagship product Documentation Insight is the ultimate Delphi source code documentation. Board index » delphi » System Error. message ' System Error. Code: 1400 Invalid window handle". with message ' System Error. Code: 1400 Invalid.

    Question by Coleslaw · Jun 28, at 05: 41 PM · error screenshots invalid system window. When close the Form blow error shown: System Error. Invalid window handle type TMyThread = class( TThread) public procedure Execute; override; procedure doProc; end; { type }. procedure TMyThread. How to Solve Ewin32Error with message Win32 Error Code: 1400. window handle or the handle to another system object. Error code 1400 is " Invalid window handle". Components for software development with Embarcadero Delphi,. many TIW controls I get EOS 1400 Invalid Window handle. Delphi XE5 madExcept version. exception message : System Error. Board index » delphi » Code 1400, Invalid Window Handle in RichEdit.

    Code 1400, Invalid Window Handle. for Microsoft® Office and Delphi® VCL. I now get an application error for one of my application only. The system will restart after the. Beware of reading Handle from a different thread, though, since it may cause the window to become associated with the wrong thread. Wrap any code that needs to interact with a VCL window into a method that you call via. Your code can never be made threadsafe because it is not permitted to access VCL objects from outside the main. a window whose lifetime you control is usually a better option than using the main form' s window like this. I am calling CreateThread from a delphi application and it seems to work, however I get a system error: code 1400, invalid window handle. the code is as follow: procedure TForm1. Original Title: System error 1400 invalid window handle Hello, Last weekend my computer got the blue screen of death. I went and had the Geek Squad back up my hard drive and repair the computer.

    I am working on an Delphi application that uses the TIdTCPServer. not be loaded due to system error; 1. a delphi program cannot handle the case in wich a driver refuse to start the job. the application locks up with a ' System Error. The System Error Codes are very broad. Exit focus mode Contents Feedback; Edit. ERROR_ INVALID_ WINDOW_ HANDLE. x578) Invalid window handle. The following list describes system error codes for errors 1300 to 1699. ERROR_ INVALID_ MENU_ HANDLE. Use the setup program to register the Delphi Preview. TPascalPreviewHandler error on File.

    Message : System Error. Invalid window handle:. In our program we seem to be having an issue where after a series of opening windows we have a report preview screen and when you place your mouse cursor over the buttons you are to get the hint pop up. The problem is that it' s giving us a " System Error. Invalid Windows Handle" message. Board index » delphi » Code 1400 Invalid Window Handle in RichEdit. Delphi Developer. I get the same error if I create the TabSheet with RichEdit on it at. Msn System Error Code 1400 Invalid Window Handle Delphi Открываю форму второй раз, форма открывается, кликаю в Edit и получаю " System Error. Board index » delphi » System Error 1400 when Application Terminates. Board index » delphi » Code 1400.

    System Error Code: 1400 Invalid Window Handle Message. maybe you can get details if you check out the system. System Error Code 1400 Delphi 7. R02 and get your computer running to its peak performance. system error code 1400 invalid window handle delphi 3) Click the Fix. Delphi 1400 - invalid window handle. I have written a program and installed at a server, with 5 workstations. System Error Code: 1400 Invalid window handle. Board index » delphi » Re: Exception Software Exception Error. Backup failed due to Error Code 1400L invalid window handle; how.