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Bash script syntax error near unexpected token do

If you get that error, you may. / bin/ bash while [ 0 = 0 ] ; do echo " Press [ CTRL+ C] to stop. CTRL + X then Y and Enter. note the lone grave accent ( ` ), which bash uses at the beginning of token names in messages together with. The exact error message got to be e. for a script called. / do ' / do: line 8: syntax error near unexpected token ` do. いったい何が原因なのでしょうか・ ・ ・ while[ $ count - lt 100 ] ではなくて while [ $ count - lt 100 ] ですね。 その行のエラーより 次の行の do が気になっちゃうのは sh の 都合。 あと、 count= ' expr $ count + 1' じゃなくて count= ` expr $ count + 1. Your script is DOS encoded and sh / bash do not like this. Install dos2unix and run dos2unix < script>. And run it again. 既に解決した後のご連絡となり済みませんが、 bashシェルスクリプトに対しては、 以下の 「 bash - n」 コマンドで文法チェックが可能. / bin/ bash - n test. sh: line 13: syntax error near unexpected token ` done' test. sh: line 13: ` done'.

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    Unexpected near script

    The error message complains about an unexpected do because you used it wrong: do is a reserved word used in for, case, while and until loops. As the preceding comment ends with for i in $ * I assume you just forgot to add. I created the bash script below to replace the SVN URL for working copies. I can confirm this works perfectly on my Linux system however it does NOT work on my Mac OS system. I' ll be able to provide the error I get back later but wondered if. You have some issues with your formatting and syntax. sjsam' s advice to use shellcheck is good, but the short version is that you should be using square brackets instead of round ones on the internal brackets of your if. you are closing the while before the if. while read filename do echo " $ filename" if [ - s $ filename ] then tail - 10 $ filename | grep date ' + % Y- % m- % d' > > $ lastlines1 echo " - Next Error File - " > > $ lastlines1 else echo " no errrors" fi. _ - # ) 時間がもったいないのでメモだけ syntax error near unexpected token ` do bash でfor文書いててはまった。 原因は、 改行コード。 CRがあったからfor文でdo〜 doneを 複数行書いてて上のとおりのシンタックスエラーになった。 CR削除し.