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Syntax error unexpected tstring beg expecting keyword end

end と打ったつもりが, キーを叩きすぎて endd になってしまった。 エラーメッセージは こうなる:. rb: 4: syntax error, unexpected end- of- input, expecting keyword_ end. 最初なので丁寧に見ていく。 sample. Invalid ` SwiftImageCarousel. podspec` file: syntax error, unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting keyword_ end. gthb SwiftImageCarousel. podspec: 6: syntax error, unexpected tSTRING_ BEG, expecting keyword_ do or ' { ' or. Even though, it would help you get rid of that particular error, there would be other errors popping up one after the other. Because, there' re a number of mistakes in your code. I admire your enthusiasm. You' re in your first. rb: 38: in ` load' : ircclient. rb: 145: syntax error, unexpected.

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    Expecting error unexpected

    18' end features = ServerConfig. The error is coming from this:. def sign_ up_ url_ secret( secret_ network) secret_ key = Rails. public_ send( secret_ network) " # { Rails. platform_ signup_ url}? team_ secret= # { secret_ key} " end. app/ views/ welcome/ index. haml: 55: syntax error, unexpected tSTRING_ BEG, expecting ' ) '. attributes( { }, nil,. I am bassically just trying to connect " number " with " weeks" with the + string operator. But i am clearly in the. You have forgotten to close a string on a previous line.

    Here' s the problem reproduced: ~ ⸩ ruby days = " abc puts " Here are the days" - : 2 : syntax error, unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting $ end puts " Here. It seems that you have a bunch of describe s that never have end s keywords, starting with describe " when email format is invalid" do until describe " when email address is already taken" do. Put an end on those guys and. 質問のとおり入力したのであれば、 ダブルクォートが1箇所だけ全角になっています.