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Syntaxerror non utf 8 code starting with

In py files line first, I use the # - coding: utf- 8 - - specified utf- 8. I' m writing code in Pycharm. Start the web with the. SyntaxError: Non- UTF- 8 code starting with ' \ x83' in file test. py on line 2, but no encoding declared; see org/ dev/ peps/ pep- 0263/ for details. どうやら 問題はファイルの文字コードをShift_ JISで保存したことにあるようです。. Non- UTF- 8 code starting with ' \ x82' in file test. py on line 3, but no encoding declared; see org/ dev/ peps/ pep- 0263/ for. プログラムがutf- 8で書 かれてないし、. その通りです。 プログラムファイルをutf- 8で保存しましょう。. Use : # - * - coding: utf- 8 - * -. Hi, I would highly recommend you to check this page about python encoding : python. org/ dev/ peps/ pep- 0263/. Even though in Python3+ utf8 encoding declaration is not needed since.

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    With syntaxerror code

    Your editor replaced ' ( ASCII 39) with U+ LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK characters, usually a sign you used Word or a similar wordprocessor instead of a plain text editor; a word processor tries to make your text. Be cognizant of that you have right script path. Your file name must be same in the path. enter image description here. Finally solve my problem a bow code is correctly: # # # # Import # # # # from lxml import html import requests from time import sleep import codecs # # # # # # # # site = ir/ sport/ latestarchive/ 0/ page" number = 100. SyntaxError: Non- ASCII character ' \ xe3' in file sample. py on line 5, but no encoding declared;. Pythonプログラムの文字コードを指定し日本語( UTF- 8) を 扱えるようにするには、 プログラムの1行目もしくは2行目に次のように記述します. The content of your question is fine: I inspected it to see that StackOverflow provides the ® symbol encoded as UTF- 8. Based on the error message in the title, Python is reading the file as UTF- 8 but I suspect that your editor is. That error is from having a source file with non- ASCII that is not saved in UTF- 8 encoding and does not have a # coding: statement at the top of the file delaring the encoding.

    Since I don' t see non- ASCII in your source on line.