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Syntax error json parse unexpected end of data

There is no need to invoke JSON. Use the " dataType" setting to identify the type of response so the. ajax( ) call knows its JSON and doesn' t need to guess. This may not solve the issue as it is likely your response is not returning JSON for the call that is throwing. Hi, I' m using the latest version of Uppy and Codeigniter and I' m trying to upload some images, but whatever I do I' m getting this error in the console: SyntaxError: JSON. parse: unexpected end of data at line 1 column 1 of the. Likewise, I found that Jquery_ fileupload ' failed' because of improperly the formatted json response - - whether it' s a browser issue or S3, I don' t know. The file actually uploads just fine, but the invalid json throws an error. sign SyntaxError: JSON. parse: exponent part is missing a number SyntaxError: JSON.

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    Unexpected syntax parse

    parse: unexpected end of data. unexpected character SyntaxError: JSON. parse: end of data while reading object contents SyntaxError:. This will be happening because your server isn' t returning JSON, but you' re telling jQuery that it is. Since you' re not using the contents of the response from the server in your done handler, you can simply remove the. parse( ) でSyntaxError とあるweb APIの戻り値がjsonだったので、 これを取得 しようとしていました。 エンドポイントにGETリクエストしてJSON. parse( ) するとなぜか エラー。 何度parseしてもSyntaxError: Unexpected end of inputが出. You have to check if jsonGet. readyState= = 4 & & jsonGet. status= = 200 before parsing the response. as everyone is stating, this is absolutely not a valid JSON, whatever the case, try validating your JSON in com/, this will show you exactly where your problem might be. Ok, looking at the actual code working, you do in fact have two inputs: < div class= " reginput" > < span> Profilbilde< / span> < input type= " hidden" name= " MAX_ FILE_ SIZE" value= " 000" > < input tabindex= " - 1" title= " Profilbilde.