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Jquery ajax xml syntax error

I would expect any guessing that is performed regarding the format of the content to be based on that. load( ) and then parse the XML to JSON as detailed here. Firefox shows this error if the response type is not set correctly. It tries to parse the response as XML. To fix it, set the response type for what you are sending back to the client, for example for JSON with Spring:. I am executing the following Ajax code for my Sample Mobile Application. I get a response Xml with syntax error which I can see it on firebug console. script type= " text/ javascript" charset= " utf- 8" > function receive( result) {. Firefox is trying to parse the file as HTML before it even hands it back to jQuery. I suspect that since you are opening a a local file, jQuery is choking on the response code, thinking it' s an error because it' s not 200 OK. " xml" : Treat the response as an XML document that can be processed via jQuery. your input xml is not proper, < token> < guid> c93f12c71bec27843c1d84b3bdd547f3< / guid> < id type= " integer" > 1< / id> < / token>. There should be a space between encoding= " UTF- 8". jQueryを使ったXMLファイルの操作サンプルです。 内容は$. ajaxを使用してXML ファイルの参照& 内容をパースし、 出力( html整形) をするサンプルです。 今更感がある かも.

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    Error jquery ajax

    error: ファイル読み込みエラー次の処理を記載します。 success:. If I' m reading your question correctly, you' re loading some HTML with Open File from a local file, and pointing it to a socket server running on localhost. FireFox will consider these to be different domains. successでデータが拾えているのであれば受け取った側の処理の問題では? dataType にjsonpを指定していますが、 大丈夫ですか? 普通はparsererrorになると思いますが・ ・ ・ $ ( function( ) { $. ', type: ' GET', cache: false,. jQuery appeared to be handling the data and the dataType correctly, but instead it was Firefox returning the syntax. Firefox tires to parse the data as XML, but can' t because it' s not valid XML which results in " Syntax error".