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Javascript send error message

onerror = function( message, url, lineNumber) { / / save error and send to server for example. return true; } ;. Per the Express ( Version 4+ ) docs, you can use: res. status( 400) ; res. send( ' None shall pass' ) ;. statusCode = 401; res. catch will work on the code that the script runs initially, as Jenita says it won' t catch Syntax Errors, and also it won' t catch errors thrown by callback functions which execute later ( long after the try- catch has finished). JavaScript は Web ページに多様なインタラクティビティをもたらすコンパクトな文 ( statement) の集合体、 特に制御フロー. function doSomethingErrorProne( ) { if ( ourCodeMakesAMistake( ) ) { throw ( new Error( ' The message' ) ) ; } else. The message property is a human- readable description of the error. You can then reference the object' s properties in the catch block. The following example creates an object of type UserException and uses it in a throw statement. function UserException( message) { this. message = message;.

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    Error message send

    Defaults to the name of the file containing the code that called the Error( ) constructor. Besides the generic Error constructor, there are seven other core error constructors in JavaScript. class CustomError extends Error { constructor( foo = ' bar',. params) { / / Pass remaining arguments ( including vendor. With a redirect alone, it' s not really possible to pass options other than in the query- string: res. redirect( ' / login? To keep the message otherwise, you' ll need a form of persistence to hold it for that next request - - cookies, sessions, etc. this is exactly what the success and error in the ajax for. You can use that to send success or error status code. For example: res. send( 400) or res. You can also send data with the response, for example. You just have to call the status method before calling send or json : res. send( { error: " Something is wrong" } ) ;.