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Emacs fatal error 11 segmentation fault core dumped

I found that the problem was related to the use of the Linum package. I had ' ( global- linum- mode t). emacs Fatal error 11: Segmentation fault Backtrace: emacs[ 0x4f74cb] emacs[ 0x4dcf3e] emacs[ 0x4f611e] emacs[ 0x4f6283]. [ 1] 6084 segmentation fault ( core dumped) emacs - nw. It means that the ld tool or one of its dependencies has a bug which results in an invalid memory access ( segmentation fault) on which the operating system kills the process with SIGSEGV ( signal 11). It should not crash. To debug Emacs, if you built it yourself, change to the project directory, then do: $ gdb. / src/ emacs $ ( gdb) set logging file ~ / emacs- errors. log $ ( gdb) r - q $ ( gdb) bt full. Fatal error 11: Segmentation faultKKK Backtrace: emacs[ 0x5036d3] emacs[ 0x4e9d6e] emacs[ 0x50249e]. I' m SSHing into an EC2 instance, and couldn' t quickly figure out how to get core dump turned on, so I followed the. Fatal error 11: Segmentation fault Backtrace: emacs[ 0x5094e4] emacs[ 0x4ed3e6 ] emacs[ 0x4ed504] / lib64/ libpthread. 0[ 0x375220efe0]. coreファイルをサポート するシステムでは、 Emacsはオプションでコアダンプ( core dump) を生成します。. I used all the default tools in centos 6.

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    Emacs fatal fault

    3 and could build aerospike successfully from source. The default gcc in centos 6. Any reason why you are using a different gcc? Make sure you are using the correct binutils corresponding to. 本編はLinuxのCore Dump機能で問題発生行を特定する方法を紹介します。 まず、 前提としてはSegmentation Faultは再現できること。. ( test2がCoreを吐いて いる) Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault. Fatal error 11: Segmentation fault Backtrace: emacs[ 0x5094e4] emacs[ 0x4ed3e6 ] emacs[ 0x4ed504]. A core dump is a file containing voluminous data about the state of the program prior to the crash, usually examined by loading it into a. Sorry I can' t provide a nicer answer, but Emacs crashes happen deep down in the C code, and there aren' t any built- in tools available to track down. This is Emacs without the pre- dumped elisp which confuses the debugger.