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Bash syntax error near unexpected token hello world

js sample application program nothing happened. Worse still, I tried to run a ver basic hello world script called hello. bash: syntax error near unexpected token ` ( '. Are you typing this at the unix command prompt? You should be doing this inside the python environment, ie. type python at the prompt and work from there. Also, no ; needed at the end of the line in Python. Type node then press Enter and THEN type console. log( " Hello World" ). bash: syntax error near unexpected token ` ' Hello world' '. Terminal is just a window running Bash ( by default) - you are expecting Bash to suddenly understand JavaScript just by installing.

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    World error unexpected

    You must first switch from Bash to Node by typing node and then you can start executing JavaScript commands. Just as for and do, if and then are two different ( although related) constructs and should be separated by a command terminator, either ; or a line feed : if [ " $ j" = = " 6" ] ; then [. ] fi if [ " $ j" = = " 6" ] then [. The problem is when you use " bash tries to evaluate anything within it instead you should use ', try this: java - Xmx16g - cp. VectorToInstancesConverter train HandednessJ48 ' SELECT * FROM collection1. On systems without that bit of smarts built in, you can do it the old- fashioned way: $ cc firsttry. Either way, then you can run it: $. / firsttry hello, world. share| improve this answer. answered Feb 23 ' 16 at 16: 53. You can find more information in the Bash manual on Bash conditional expressions and the [ builtin command and the. if echo hello world ls make # etc etc etc true date false then echo success else echo not success fi. As for converting string to array, you don' t need to replace spaces with newlines explicitly, just take advantage of automatic word splitting, which occurs when unquoted variables are called: $ string= ' This is a hello world string'.