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Fatal error iostream h file not found

h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. You should use # include < iostream>, not iostream. h form is very old and deprecated since years. ( Plus, you should write std: : cout or have a line using namespace std; otherwise your next error will be about the compiler not finding a definition for cout. The second way is considered preferable, especially for serious programming projects, since it only affects std: : cout. before main if you want to use cout without having to use std: : cout. You need to use # include< iostream> instead of # include< iostream. The later one has been deprecated now; which is why you face the error. Neither < iostream> nor < iostream. h> are standard C header files.

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    Fatal error iostream

    Your code is meant to be C+ +, where < iostream> is a valid header. Use g+ + ( and a. cpp file extension) for C+ + code. Alternatively, this program uses mostly. That header doesn' t exist in standard C+ +. It was part of some pre- 1990s compilers, but it is certainly not part of C+ +. Use # include < iostream> instead. And all the library classes are in the std: : namespace, for example. Before the C+ + language was standardized by the ISO, the header file was named < iostream. h>, but when the. an iostream function/ object with a std: : specifier), since namespaces did not exist in the pre- standardized C+ +. You need to give the file the correct extension ( as your tutorial will tell you) e. I would also start.

    # include < iostream>. # include < iostream. is legacy from the mid- 1990s which might not be supported. it gives me 1 fatal error : fatal error: ' iostream. h' file not found # include< iostream. h > ^ 1 error generated. I also tried using - I option providing a path for include directory of ' iostream' but it' s still gives me the same error. I tried it like: ' clang+ +. cpp: 1: 10: fatal error: ' iostream' file not found # include < iostream> ^ 1 error generated. posix " / usr/ bin/ clang" - cc1 - triple x86_ 64- pc- linux- gnu - S - disable- free - disable- llvm- verifier - main- file- name.