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Syntax error for loop verilog

Thus it never exits the inner loop and instead. Verilog is likely interoperating FIFO( WRITE_ PTR) as a function ( which cannot be a l- value) because you used parentheses. For array indexing you must use square brackets [ ]. You have the same problem in your read task. You' re missing a semicolon on the line before the error. You have not defined your case inside always, hence the error. This should solve your problem. A good idea would be not to mix combinational and sequential always blocks together. reg [ 4: 0] status_ led = 5' b00100;. In verilog you can not just do this: gv = gv + 1;. wire types need to use assign: wire gv; assign gv = a. Is a combinatorial loop, when do you expect the + 1 to happen. This is normally solved by making gv a flip- flop and updating.

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    Error verilog syntax

    I like this question because unless very familiar with generates it looks like it should work, however there is a similar question which tries to use an extra genvar. The syntax is not allowed because of how the generates are. The for- loop is used outside of an always block, so i needs to be a genvar instead of an integer. Also, you probably want Z and C to declared an packed arrays instead of unpacked, mo the [ 15: 0] to the other side. You should declare the variable i first, or i will be regarded as an register with no specification. And this will let the compiler returns the unknown register error. Declare i as an integer outside the for code block as below:. You are missing an end keyword after S1 state description: S1: begin load_ cnt = 1; en_ shift_ R = 1; if ( s = = 0) begin load_ R = 1; rr0mux = 0; end else begin load_ R = 0; en_ shift_ A = 1; rr0mux = 1; end end / / missing end. First of all, generate block is usually used along with for loops to mimic multiple instants. You have used generate in the initial procedural block, which is obviously illegal. And hence the syntax error occurs. So, remove genvar.