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Php error log message is truncated

php to something like : public function. what is written to the log. If the exception is dumped to the terminal or to the browser, it will still show the truncated message. message に null 文字を含めてはいけません。 message の送り先はファイルやメール 、 そして syslog などになることもあります。 base64_ encode( ) や rawurlencode( ) 、 addslashes( ) などの関数で適切に変換してから error_ log( ) に渡す必要があります。. This way I' m getting full error message and, what might be more important for someone, non ASCII characters are clearly readable there ( not sure though, might be my bad, but when I' m logging them with standard log file - I. If you check the error INI options in PHP you' ll notice there' s a log_ errors_ max_ len option:. The error_ log will log to syslog by default and in your code, the length of which is limited by the runtime setting log_ errors_ max_ len. You need to recompile Nginx if you want log lines longer than bytes. org/ HttpLuaModule: There is a hard- coded length limitation on the error messages in the Nginx core. It is bytes at most,. The default limit on the maximum length of error message passing through error_ log( ) is 1024 bytes. Yes, the truncation occurs within PHP for Apache will allow even over 10, 000 characters.

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    Error message truncated

    Here' s a Perl script. What drives me crraaaaaazzzyyy is the fact that the important part of the error message gets truncated! I quickly found out about log_ errors_ max_ len in my php. ini which I changed to 400, 99999 and even 0 - saved the file - restarted apache. Just look directly above the last error in the log file and so on and so forth.