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Syntax error in from clause delphi

An exception is raised when an error or other event interrupts normal execution of a program. The syntax of a try. except statement is:. If the exception block specifies an else clause, the else clause. I don' t typically use the query wizard, but I got the same error message in the MS Query interface when I tried to add a field by dragging it from. In this version, only if the try clause generates an exception will the Except clause be executed. The except clause cannot determine the error type however. Syntax error in FROM clause” I am trying to import data from a. csv file into an excel spreadsheet using ADO and get the error above. I have connected everything to each other. If I set the ADOTable to Active= True an error message is showing. Syntax Error in FROM clause. The problem is that Name ( and possibly Password ) is a reserved word in MS Access. It' s a poor choice for a column name, but if you must use it you should.

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    Syntax error from

    E2105: Inline assembler syntax error ( Delphi). You have entered an. E2126: Cannot BREAK, CONTINUE or EXIT out of a FINALLY clause ( Delphi). 15012: ' Syntax error in query. Incomplete query clause' 15- JUL- 98. 17095: making a Delphi DLL with as little in the uses clause as possible 16- JUL- 98. Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. Syntax error ( missing operator) in query expression. Syntax error in UPDATE statement; Syntax error in FROM clause; Syntax error in WHERE.