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Syntax error expected expression but found unknown token

You can build a multi- line script in osascript using multiple - e. This AppleScript error message can occur when smart quotes are used instead of straight quotes in a script statement. The Perform AppleScript script step will compile statements with straight quotes only. You probably should remove the [ applescript] and [ / applescript] lines when you put the script into the AppleScript Editor. A guess based on experience. Maybe the escaped space in the pathname is your show stopper. Try to call a script from a location where the path has no spaces or try to ' double- escape' the escaped space, like so:. syntax error: Expected expression but found unknown token. My code that I type into the. You don' t need the backslashes to escape the double quotes for " testing. plist", removing those will fix that error. Additionally, the word. To add to the comments by Atomic Toothbrush.

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    Syntax token error

    This is a snippet from one of my old Applescripts that uses the built in Command line [ efax ( fax) 1 program to communicate with a modem. set phone_ num to " " set. If I run the Applescript part in the Applescript Editor or in Textmate, it works fine, but on the command line, the function fails. wtf( ) { osascript. 190: 191: syntax error: Expected expression but found unknown token. You have some weird, unknown character just before end if. Take that line out and re- type it and it will work. set exportPath to path to documents folder as text with timeout of ( 30 * 60) seconds tell application " Evernote" repeat with nb in every. 17: 18: syntax error: Expected expression, property or key form, etc. but found unknown token. I can' t tell what the hell' s going on here, so I decide to COPY an echo of $ Airport and try that as a variable. Looks like you have some curly quotes closing the BTGuard string ( probably a result of copying formatted text from someplace such as a web page) - the fix for that is changing the quotes to the normal straight ones.