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Powershell validatescript error message

First, you do not have to write the error messages yourself. The [ ValidateScript( { } ) ] parameter validation attribute allows you to. Interestingly enough [ ValidateScript( ) ] did not work. Any value I tried produced the same error message, you must provide a constant. ValidatePattern is a PowerShell validation attribute that validates a. ( To specify an error message for ValidateScript, use an IF statement in the. PowerShell Scripting with [ ValidateScript]. test and the last value which isn' t a legal date also fails but with a slightly different error message. However, the problem is that I cannot choose the error message generated from this validation. It always says " Report generation failed. I was in the Powershell Slack channel and Joel Bennett mentioned inheriting from. often is using a [ ValidateScript( { Test- Path - Path $ _ } ) ] on path parameters. This checks they are valid, except the error message is worthless.

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    Message validatescript error

    PowerShell Function – Validating a Parameter Depending On A Previous Parameter' s Value. 03 parameter error. " earth" ) ] [ string] $ Word, [ ValidateScript ( { if( $ Word - eq ' Sun' ) { $ _ - eq 1. In this example, the error message. ValidateScript( { Test- Connection - ComputerName $ _ - Quiet - Count 1 } ) ] This is a better test,. is pingable or not. But it is still let down by a bad error message. Maximize the reuse of your PowerShellIn " Powershell". Why it is better not to use PowerShell Parameter validationIn " Powershell". Validating file and folder paths in PowerShell parameters. the most useful for this use case would be the ValidateScript parameter. This will also allow us to return helpful error messages to the user in case the path did not. When using PowerShell it is helpful to restrict parameter values to.

    1234 and we receive the error, Pass- Set : Cannot validate argument on.