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Syntax error on token name expected after this token

Try the following code: 1. In the last import you added extra, which made the compiler expect another import, use instead: < % @ page import= " java. Class1 c1 = new Class1( ) ; c1. Must be moved to a method, it can' t be at the class definition level, else it makes no sense ( when would your code be executed? ) : public class Class2 { public void doSomething( ). Your first loop needs to be put inside a method of the class. In case you want that loop to be executed upon the creation of an object of such class, you must write a constructor method like this: public Memory( ) { for( int i = 0;. I get the folowing error: " syntax error on token " = " expression expected after this token". The file is very simple: id, name, address. Line( int xpo, int ypo, int thetimee[ ] ) { x = xpo; y = ypo; thatimee = new int[ thetimee. length] ; thatimee[ 0] = thetimee[ 0] ; thatimee[ 1] = thetimee[ 1] ; }.

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    After expected name

    You already declared the variable " thatimee" as an array up there, remove the. Getting error in JSP compilation: “ Syntax error on token ” import“, Name expected after this token”. < body> < % ServletFileUpload upload = new ServletFileUpload( ) ; / / Parse the request List< FileItem> multifiles = upload. You can' t just have statements floating in the middle of classes in Java. You either need to put them in methods: package lab6; public class Hellomsg { public void myMethod( ) { System. println( " Hello. " ) ; } } Or in static blocks:. You forgot the entry point method declaration. Try adding: public static void main( String[ ] args) {. before the line where you got the error. Hi, I can' t seem to figure out a syntax error. Here is some stuff.

    Thread: Syntax error on token " ( ", ; expected. for the following code. It gives me the error I put as title: [ code= java]. Methods should be named in camelCase ( first letter lower case,. If I' m going on the line that has the error it says " Syntax error on tokens, AnnotationName expected instead" and I' m using a Mac. The if statement needs to disable the button after two click. syntax error on token " ( ", expression expected after this token. I' d stay away from using Time as a variable name. The Unexpected Token error is a specific type of SyntaxError object. premise of how JavaScript parsers work, and therefore what syntax is expected. and thus cannot be used incorrectly, or as part of variable names and the like. after our second argument ( 2, ), which will be trouble for our parser:. You have code ( which is not declaring a variable and/ or initializing it) ouside a method, which is: for ( i= 0; i< = ena. lenght; i+ + ) System.

    println( ena[ i] ) ;. In Java, code MUST reside inside a method. You can' t call a class, you. can' t make class name extend as. java, they all gave me an error message saying : syntax error on token " package", identifier expected after. if the package name looks like *. aspect this leeds to an ' Syntax error on token " class", Identifier expected' - error. you have error because TwoArray[ i] [ j] is a char just one character not string. And elementSplit[ j] is a String, so you must using this form. My friend, you have a syntax error missing the key for that value: You are writing: = false). and you are missing the " required" name= " Title", required= false).

    W mainie mam: Or wyr = new Or( w4, X) ; wyr. Syntax error on token " wypisz", Identifier expected after this token.