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Sql error code 932 message ora 00932

setParameter( " startDate", condition. try this, either your case should return number or varchar, right now your case return ' 0' as varchar and else as number. Either both return number or both return number. When Both return varchar. As a consequence you get the error: ORA- 00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected CHAR got NUMBER. What would probably work is, if you convert it to DATE, add 1 and convert it back to VARCHAR2 with LAST_ BUSINESS_ DAY as ( select. Learn the cause and how to resolve the ORA- 00932 error message in Oracle. You tried to perform an operation between. this error, you can do one of the following: Not use the LIKE condition in your SQL ( against the LONG datatype field). Alternatively you can use the an ANSI date literal ( the format is always yyyy- mm- dd for an ANSI SQL date literal) : UPDATE. At present you are passing date as a number string, convert it in date and then try to insert as below. describes where a export fails with an ORA- 932 when exporting the cluster definitions.

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    Error message code

    Oracle technical support offers information regarding ORA- 00932 in reference to a bug which throws the error while trying to use dynamic select statement. ORA- 00932 is caused by the statement you were intending to use with the Native Dynamic SQL in which the amount of items have to be the same in the. のSELECTで行が返されない. ORA- 00932: CLOBの問合せ時のデータ型が一致 しないという例外. SQLException: setString can only process strings of less than 32766 characters Error Code: 17157. ORA- 01722: 〜 エラーは 暗黙変換の存在を知らずに使用している。 暗黙変換のルール を誤用している. SQL> SELECT * FROM DUAL WHERE 1 = ' n' SELECT * FROM DUAL WHERE 1 = ' n' * 行1でエラーが発生しました。 : ORA- 01722: 数値が無効です. However, you can use PL/ SQL programs for comparisons on CLOB data. If your values are always less than. The same error occurs also when doing SELECT DISTINCT. , < CLOB_ column>,. If this CLOB column contains. SQL Oracle · Oracleで以下のエラーが発生して、 ちょっと考えてしまったのでメモ。 ORA- 00932: データ型が一致しません: NUMBERが予想されましたがCHARです。 このエラー、 SELECT CASE文で項目ごとの型が違った場合に発生します.