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Syntax error redirection unexpected debian

ちらほらドキュメントも見かけたのでわりと 有名なのかもしれませんね・ ・ ・ いままで動いていたperlをubuntuに. 今まで使っていたシェルスクリプトを環境を変えて使おうと思ったらなんでも無さそうな所 でエラー発生。 Syntax error: redirection unexpected. エラーメッセージで ぐぐったらどうやら bash じゃなく dash で動いていたせいらしい。. No, it' s due to your use of sh as an interpreter. Change it to bash. I have created a very simple script ( see below) but cannot get it to run properly. I always get messages saying line 5: syntax error near unexpected token ' fi' line 5: ' fi' when I try to execut. 如今Debian和Ubuntu中, / bin/ sh默认已经指向dash, 这是一个不同于bash的shell, 它主要是为了执行脚本而出现, 而. dash: Syntax error: redirection unexpected. has anyone seen these before? it' s apparently a user on this system using IMP/ Horde to write mail to another local user.

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    Debian unexpected redirection

    what' s going on? is this a postfix or an IMP problem? bin/ sh: Syntax error: redirection unexpected ( expecting word) # 24. AlmightyOatmeal opened this Issue on Dec 3, · 10 comments. Please note - this has * nothing* to do with Debian, I' ve marked it OT accordingly. Unless you are asking about Debian peculiarities or whether to raise bug report please consider posting these sorts of queries to somewhere appropriate like stackoverflow, gawk lists or such like. Home > syntax error > sh syntax error redirection unexpected perl. Syntax Error: " ( " Unexpected. I' ve not heard of this error before. linux bash shell debian. I am getting the error / proc/ self/ fd/ 9: 2: / proc/ self/ fd/ 9: Syntax error: redirection unexpected. I suspect it' s the line exec 2> & 1 > > ( logger - t " nodejs" ). Can anyone explain this: $ bash $ shopt - s extglob $ ls *. ( txt| doc) bash: syntax error near unexpected token ` ( ' $ shopt extglob extglob on This is a debian squeeze install.

    kernel executes it with / bin/ sh. On Ubuntu, / bin/ sh is dash, a shell designed for fast startup and execution with only standard features. Sometime, will get a syntax error: that parenthesis doesn' t mean anything to it in context. Single- line redirection commands ( affect only the line they are on) :. bad_ command3 # Error message echoed to stderr. Another reason to the error may be if you are running a cron job that updates a subversion working copy and then has. " tested like a charm" ; sh: syntax error: unexpected redirection / # nc - l - p 80 < < EOL > tested like a charm > EOL ^ Cpunt! Different Linux distributions having different shells as default. H ow do I redirect output and errors to / dev/ null under bash / sh. Syntax to redirect error and output messages. How to zip a folder in Ubuntu Linux / Debian Linux;. How to remove redirection unexpected syntax errors.

    syntax error near unexpected token ` < '. Syntax error: redirection unexpected bash:. Shell script works directly, but has a syntax error via crontab. What is causing this syntax error? ( if you are using debian). < a " ) ' sh: Syntax error: redirection unexpectedあれーなんかへんだなーと. ちらほらドキュメントも見かけたのでわりと有名なのかもしれません. prepare_ 64bit_ asio: Syntax error: redirection unexpected. Actually the package wine on Debian amd64 seems just to install wine 32bits. Syntax error in barracuda. / usr/ local/ bin/ barracuda: line 386: syntax error near unexpected token ) '. I am used to taking control of Debian with its own.

    Syntax error: newline unexpected. I' m on Debian Linux trying to change the default font for FOP so that the font. Syntax error: redirection unexpected > >. I have a shell script which is use to build a project on jenkins. When i run that script on my local windows machine it runs fine, But when i run that script on my Ubuntu server it gives an error. Debian下执行sh. sh出现: “ Syntax error: “ ( ” unexpected. 昨天更新了Virtualmin的系统识别部分, 目的是让它能支持Debian系统下的. Bash unexpected redirect. MINT Debian, Angstrom, SUSE, Ubuntu,. Syntax error: redirection unexpected dash $, 04: 18 PM. dash: redirection to fd larger 9 leads to Syntax. Copy sent to org,. dash: redirection to fd larger 9 leads to Syntax error: word unexpected.

    GNU/ Linux, Debian/ Ubuntu, Mac OS X, Free Software/ Open Source. 不能跑了~ 會出現" Syntax error: redirection unexpected" 的錯誤訊息~ > " <. UNIX and Linux shell. Ambiguous redirect error and syntax error when using on. The second error you mention will probably be syntax error: unexpected end of. Syntax error with Counter- Strike: Source Linux Server. syntax error: unexpected end. None of the other servers do this And my server is currently running Debian. shell script help required syntax error in debian. syntax error near unexpected token ` newline' complete. csh: line 20: ` set num = $ < ' Script #!

    arcserve- KB : Error while Installing the Client Agent on Ubuntu and Debian Linux - unexpected operator. How to check error in Shell Script. Command to check syntax error in. c > > log # Use a redirection block instead echo “ The. ShellCheck on Ubuntu and Debian. Syntax error: “ ( ” unexpected in bash script. debian- transmission / media/ Media/ info fi done. Syntax error: " ( " unexpected. output_ file is a file object. When you do " % s" % output_ file, the resulting string is something like " < open file ' filename', mode ' a+ ' at 0x7f> ".