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Syntax error near unexpected token do r cygwin

/ usr/ bin/ debug. sh: line 6: syntax error near unexpected token ' newline'. \ r is added by your text editor ( Windows text editor? 45 on Linux has no problem executing your script. Please check that the script text in the post matches your file. Check if there are any special characters in the file that get lost when transferring to the post text. Try simplifying your. sh: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token ' $ ' do\ r”. sh: line 1: $ ' \ r' : command not found. The cause is easy to see. up vote 4 down vote.

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    Unexpected error cygwin

    Use dos2unix or a proper text editor to convert all your line breaks from Windows \ r\ n to \ n. Probably you have Windows style ( CR + LF ) and you should have Unix/ Linux style ( only LF ). Windows uses two characters ( CR and LF, or \ r\ n ) to mark the end of a line in a text file. Unix, Linux, and ( by default). It looks like setup. sh uses Windows- style line endings - - or at least line 94 does. I didn' t find the download. Your script has been edited on a DOS or Windows based system and contains carriage- return characters that Linux/ Unix does not like ( that what \ r is). You could use dos2unix to convert the carriage return line endings to the. To convert setup. sh to Unix line endings on Cygwin, use dos2unix setup. This problem ( syntax error near unexpected token) usually occurs in Cygwin,. a line break used to be the single Carriage Return ( \ r) character. Cygwin might fail to process the available scripts that are formatted in Old Mac.

    line 1: $ ' : \ r' : command not found line 5: syntax error near unexpected token ` $ ' \ r' ' line 5: ` fi. In vim, which is what you are using on Cygwin for vi, there are. Windows uses CR+ LF ( \ r\ n), Unix uses LF ( \ n), and Classic MacOS uses CR ( \ r). More importantly there is no chance of error like you get with the. Try quoting the variables and changing your find/ while loop like this: while read - r fn; do cp " $ { fn} " " $ { fn}. bak" iconv - f " $ FROM" - t " $ TO" < " $ { fn}. bak" > " $ { fn} " rm " $ { fn }. bak" done < < ( find webazmoon7/ - type f - name " * " ). sh: line 4: $ ' \ r' : command not found setup_ p2. sh: line 9: syntax error near unexpected token elif' ' etup_ p2. sh: line 9: elif [ $ region. You have some issues with your formatting and syntax. sjsam' s advice to use shellcheck is good, but the short version is that you should be using square brackets instead of round ones on the internal brackets of your if.

    I finally got the source checked out right, and I installed cygwin with no problems ( I have used it in the past), but when I went to compile, I get this error: $ sh setup. sh < / cygdrive/ c/ NBIS> [ - - without- X11] setup. sh: line 94: syntax error near unexpected token ` $ ' in\ r' ' ' etup. sh: line 94: ` case $ 1 in. much of a coder ( I' m only compiling this because there are no pre- compiled packages) so I don' t know what to do. Your script contains DOS newlines CR LF instead of Unix ones LF. $ ' \ r' is a bash escape sequence for the CR control character which should not be normally contained in Unix text files. It was at the end of line 3 which is now. How to Fix > Cygwin > Syntax error near unexpected token. In Mac prior to Mac OS X, a line break was single Carriage Return ( \ r) character. It looks like you are entering Windows CMD commands at a bash prompt. You will need to translate from CMD syntax to bash syntax. Instead of set x= y you need to use x= y. Instead of % x% you need to use $ x or $ { x}.

    Lors de l' utilisation de Cygwin sous windows je rencontre parfois. sh: line 38: syntax error near unexpected token ` $ ' in\ r' ' Cette.