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Syntax error on token close identifier expected after this token

and you are missing the " required" name= " Title", required= false). Java: Syntax error on token " - ", Expression expected after this token [ closed]. The reason you saw the error you saw is because Java evaluates the expression a = b to the value of a after the assignment ( that' s the rule), which in this case. How can I get rid out of this error? In the line thread1. start( ) and thread2. start( ) I get the same error. Syntax Error on token start, Identifier expected after this token. means that you declared these statements: thread1. Line( int xpo, int ypo, int thetimee[ ] ) { x = xpo; y = ypo; thatimee = new int[ thetimee. length] ; thatimee[ 0] = thetimee[ 0] ; thatimee[ 1] = thetimee[ 1] ; }. You already declared the variable " thatimee" as an array up there, remove the. My friend, you have a syntax error missing the key for that value: You are writing: = false).

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    Token close error

    You need to put the code inside a method: public class enc { / / The Look- Up Table with the position of all the available characters public static final String LUT= " *,. You embedded the saying method within the getName method, but you can' t do that in Java. Place the closing brace for getName before the saying method, not after. In Java, you cannot directly write the executable statements in class. You need to move your code in a method. Only variables declaration is allowed outside the method/ blocks. Just for the sake of testing,, move everthing to. Class1 c1 = new Class1( ) ; c1. Must be moved to a method, it can' t be at the class definition level, else it makes no sense ( when would your code be executed? ) : public class Class2 { public void doSomething( ).