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Syntax error in bison

When flex is used in combination with bison you don' t have to ( and should not) make use of an explicit end- of- file token. Just rely on the 0. Your grammar only allows for one sentence in the input. You need a new first rule : P : S | P S ;. where P is the new target symbol ( ' Program', ' Paragraph', etc. , whatever you like). yacc/ lex( bison/ flex) で生成したパーサ yyparse( ) は、 シンタクスエラーのある入力 ファイルを食わせると、 デフォルトでは. というそっけないエラーメッセージ を吐いてエラー終了する。 これではどこが間違っているのか分からない. These two rows in your scanner specification both match space:. { return yytext[ 0 ] ; } [ \ n\ t] { }.

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    Syntax bison error

    When you type ESCREVER 1; the space is interpreted by the first rule. Since Flex uses the rules in the order they are written, you can. Your grammar accepts an expression OR an end of file. So if you give it an expression followed by an end of file, you get an error. Another problem is that you return the token END_ OF_ FILE at the end of the input, rather than. Your problem is in your lexical analyzer ( independently of whether there' s a problem in your grammar — I' ve not analyzed the grammar, because I hit on the problem in the lexical analyzer first, and it was sufficient to prevent. You don' t need to explicitly return an EOF token, and your grammar should not attempt to detect EOF. bison/ yacc always creates an implicit start rule: real_ start: start < < EOF> >. where start is your start production, and. y seems to lack the grammar for the case that several test s continue. So, how about adding the grammar like the following? % % tests : test | tests test; / * added * / test : text | number;. The Bison parser detects a syntax error ( or parse error) whenever it reads a token which cannot satisfy any syntax rule.

    An action in the grammar can also explicitly proclaim an error, using the macro YYERROR ( see Special Features for Use in. The fault is caused by you using features that are new to the 3. 0 version of bison, whereas you have an older version of bison installed. If you are unable to upgrade to version 3. 0, it is an easy change to convert the grammar to.