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How to fix syntax error near unexpected token

/ bin/ bash # test file exists FILE = " 1" if [ - e " $ FILE" ] ; then if [ - f " $ FILE" ] ; then echo : " $ FILE is a regular file" fi. These ( and their combinations) would all be incorrect too:. That' s not a compiler syntax error, it' s a shell error. You' re trying to execute your C source code directly. The system is assuming the file is a shell script. You need to compile it to an executable, and then run the executable:. Since there' s an if that' s still looking for its then, the fi is unexpected, there' s a syntax error. You need to put a. Once you fix that you' ll get another error from the command [ because it doesn' t understand - af. is just another character, according to bash; it' s not self- delimiting.

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    Token error near

    So you need to put spaces around [ and ]. Although you' d be better off using [ [ and ] ]. And the command following if ( yes, [ is a command) must be terminated with a ; or a. Gives the error: cleanup. bash: line 10: syntax error near unexpected token ' ( ' cleanup. bash: line 10: ' rm - rf! But if I run in in the terminal directly no problem rm - rf! I tried stripping out all other lines, still. You need to quote the pathname, because of all the special characters it contains. Since you can' t escape single quotes inside single quotes, you need to use double quotes as the outer delimiter, and then escape the inner. Windows uses two characters ( CR and LF, or \ r\ n ) to mark the end of a line in a text file. have had any Windows- style line endings in the first place, and if it did, I don' t know why the problem wouldn' t show up until line 94. To complement Jens' s helpful answer, which explains the symptoms well and offers a utility- based solution ( dos2unix ). Sometimes installing a third- party utility is undesired, so here' s a solution based on standard utility tr :. First of all, do not tag it bash and sh, you have one shell, type echo $ SHELL to know which shell you use, or put a shebang at the start of your script ( #!

    / usr/ bin/ env bash ). put semicolons after your commands, including [. Version: * * Question: The following error message is displayed while compiling projects using the Eclipse IDE provided with. Fix “ syntax error near unexpected token ` ( ' ” in Eclipse IDE provided with FX3 SDK - KBA223154.