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Rsync line 1 syntax error unexpected

file - - rsync- path= " sudo rsync" $ 1/ } # calling with args cmd " $ 1" " $ 2" # alternatively, calling through. Bad idea to store full command line in a string. Unrelated, but rsync is best for maintaining data clones of source and dest directory. Probably not the best for backups in time. I' d recommend the following to maintain a clone that preserves properties and permissions, etc. This error occurs often when you have mismatched structure - that is, you do not have matching double quotes, matching. ksh: line 25: syntax error : unexpected end of file. If you do a grep ( - A1: + 1 line context). When the shell expands a variable on the command line, if the variable was in double- quotes it' s not parsed ( see. but quotes and escape are not parsed ( which is why you got an error about a literal quote mark in one of the args to rsync). 諦めかけた時に出会ったのが「 Shell script arrays Syntax error: “ ( ” unexpected | Sany' s Linux and Open Source Blog」. by dash' Adding ' diversion of / usr/ share/ man/ man1/ sh. gz to / usr/ share/ man/ man1/ sh. I installed rsync add on on OpenELEC Krypton on Raspberry Pi ( the first one), which is ARM.

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    Rsync error syntax

    When I run rsync, I get:. kodi/ addons/ network. rsync/ bin/ rsync: line 1: syntax error: unexpected " ( ". When I look into. root_ add2: line 41: syntax error: unexpected end of file". # fi - changed cat > / root /. rhosts < < EOF master root EOF # # Enable rsync, rlogin, and rsh echo " * Enabling rsync, rlogin, and rsh" chkconfig rsync on chkconfig rlogin on. sh: line 9: syntax error near unexpected token ` fi'. sh: line 9: ` fi'. スクリプト中に set - e もしくは set - o errexit がある場合、 終了コードが 1 以上の番号の コマンドがあるとそこで終了してしまいます。 多くの場合は 1 以上の番号の. となっていて、 その1時間ほどの間に何かが起きていた。.

    - bash: / Users/ note103/. bash: line 52: syntax error near unexpected token ` elif' - bash: / Users/ note103/. bash: line 52: ` elif [ - d " $ 1/.