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Raise error with message rspec

Like JUnit, rspec reacts to tests which raise exceptions by failing the test, right? Have you ever wanted to customize an RSpec failure message? MESSAGE raise end. then shovels our HEREDOC string onto the message of $! , a built- in Ruby global variable representing the last error. When you pass an exception class, the MessageExpectation will raise an instance of it, creating it with exception and passing message if specified. RSpec warning: WARNING: Using the ` raise_ error` matcher without providing a specific error or message risks false positives, since. The expect syntax in rSpec 2. 11 obsoletes should and should_ not, and should be used for any new code. Raising error and exception are func onally interchangeable, so you' re free to use. raise_ error " the exact error message". puts ' Hello' at_ exit do puts ' Exiting' end raise ' error'. We can use a thread- local variable in Ruby to store our error messages:. Learn more on ruby with our tutorial Setting Up Automated Testing with RSpec on SitePoint.

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    Raise with message

    Note that in this case we also have a nice exception message getaddrinfo: Name or. Finally, if we configure Faraday to raise exceptions on 40x and 50x responses, we' ll see it. We' ll use RSpec to test the exception retries. After understanding the basic structure how tests look with RSpec,. We often need to specify that a given method or block of code should raise an exception. the expectation to be based on the error message and/ or class. The error message says it couldn' t read the config file, but the real. In minitest and RSpec assertions that fail will raise an exception to inform. RSpec latest stable ( 1. 1) - 0 notes - Class: Spec: : Matchers.

    raise_ exception( exception= Exception, message= nil, & block) public.