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Vba syntax error expected end of statement

parse error, because VBA doesn' t know what literal expression could possibly follow the Combined = name& assignment - the instruction is complete as it is; the only token that should be where " ( " is, is an end- of- statement. Fix the Elself typo and just add End If to the very end ( on a new line) : If IsObject( rng( J) ) = True Then TempX = rng( J). Count TempY = rng( J). Count ElseIf IsArray( rng( J) ) Then TempX = UBound( rng( J), 1) TempY = UBound( rng( J),. Annoying isn' t it? Click Tools - > Options - > Editor Tab and uncheck Auto syntax check. I get an error that says " Expected: End of Statement" as soon as I leave the line that assigns the function' s return. calcScores is assigned before sortScores, and was succesfully called in a sub before using the same syntax. The Return statement in VBA does not return the results of a function. Use the function name instead. Instead of: Return iColumn. Use: FindEmptyColumn = iColumn.

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    Syntax statement expected

    In VBA, the Return statement is only used in conjunction. Not return: Public Function getPayTotal( ByVal StudentID As Long) As Long getPayTotal = StudentID End Function. You can call the function like so: Sub theFunction getPayTotal 21 ' ' Or Call getPayTotal( 21) ' ' Or r. As mentioned, you use non- standard quotes and non- standard apostrophe. Replace them with correct one. Second issue is with this statement: " " ". VBA compiler sees it as " " " ( empty string and unclosed quote). I get the compile error expected: end of statement. I don' t understand then how the quotes cause a syntax error. Formula = " = IF( AND( C> 800, C< 900), YES, NO) " End Sub – PA_ Commons Jun 11 ' 14 at 22: 00. You are missing a full stop ( period) between the DAO and the Recordset - it should be. Beyond that, you will also have a runtime error on reading the field value, since a DAO Fields collection is.