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Fatal error system listexception list index out of bounds 3

ListException: List index out of bounds: 0 when generating records with. nmitrakis moved this from Testing to Documentation in Forceea 1. Have you enabled critical updates from winter 16 release? List EmailIds = EmailIdCSV. split( ', ' ) ; PageReference ref. You could connect up all of the right pieces of code to have it do the send it for you too. There' s a subtle bug involved here, which I was able to replicate with the following execute anonymous: interface MyInt extends Comparable { } class SuperC implements MyInt { public Integer compareTo( Object o) { return 0; }. Like Java, array indexes are zero- based, which means that an array will always go from index 0 to ( size- 1). Since you used < =, you' re actually counting one more index value than necessary, which would cause this error. akash, is this code just for your learning? why do you use hard coded dates and convert the format and parse it? now to the error you are getting,. its becos you are starting the loop from arr. size( ) which is always 1 plus index of the last element stored in the array ( since arrays starts storing element from 0.

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    Index bounds error

    I think you need to reset colIndex back to 0 each time you process a new row. for( list< string> row : parsedCSV) { colIndex = 0; if( rowNumber = = 0) {. Because in this line you are fetching 0 index record. ` Profiel_ _ c currentUser = [ SELECT Id, ( SELECT Id from Contacts_ ` _ r WHERE Id= : Contactuser. ContactId) FROM Profiel_ _ c LIMIT 1] [ 0] ;. But in your test class you didn' t. con[ ] has no elements so trying to access the 0 index element will cause the list index out of bounds excpetion. To protect against this you could change your code to first check to see if the. why do you use hard coded dates. size( ) which is always 1 plus index of the last element stored in the. ` Profiel_ _ c currentUser = [ SELECT Id, ( SELECT Id from Contacts_ ` _ r WHERE. First make List< Integer> instead of list it is error.

    second since index 5 value is not initiated yet you cannot push value directly at 5 index try to push it at 4 and it will work. Here i got issue that is 1 query executed then 3 query executed size 0 after iI am not get any error executed next lines that' s work. You' re referencing the wrong array in the second if statement, see the BAD LINE comment in the code below. BAD LINE, should be Accid = acc1[ 0]. id } } User[ ] u = [ Select id, Name from User Where Accountid= : Accid] ; - - > 3. but you are doing acc[ 0]. id where acc is not has any vaue thats why you are getting this Out Of bound exception. Want to learn how to code in Salesforce but scared to start? This course is for you! For the life of me I am getting an error message which I cannot seem to resolve =.

    ListException: List index out of bounds: 3: Trigger. So is it something related to the critical updates we get in our org?